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  1. Installation  Photography by Corey Bartle-Sanderson


    Photography by Corey Bartle-Sanderson

    Let’s spread the world map.

    There Let’s pull the line of “logistics”. What it means for that “,” line of logistics’”- that is, have things flow, it is called
    Let’s pull the path in line.
    Speaking of whether the line is drawn where, It is the marine. The flow of goods, although there are of course also in the sky,
    let’s go to the site of the harbour.
    Seaport with entry and exit that support the maritime logistics also, there are of course.
    You mean let’s go there.
    Scenery that looks at the seaport. 
    it is a theme, I will be that. 
    Where Will do what people are working in what way it is. And, what do come actually things flow in what way, also flow?

    Line of <Flow> is an exhibition of new work by Corey Bartle-Sanderson, Ellie Wyatt, George Yarker, Lewk Wilmshurst, Poppy Moroney and Sophie Rogers, spanning liquidity of state and flow of reproduction, spam and myth, progress and sleep.


  2. Raoul (The Seventh Sleeper)&nbsp;

    Raoul (The Seventh Sleeper) 

    Approach of Thraea