Artist based in London. 

Hymodernity, Frieze Projects, June 2022
Lovely View, New Art Projects, August 2022

Lambing Season, Worlding, May 2022

BA Hons Fine Art, Kingston University
Foundation Art Diploma, Oxford Brookes

If Dolphins had thumbs, Diaspore Project Space, online, April 2018
FernTree Gully, SKELF, September 2017
“HWEEOO”; A Sweet New World, Platform Southwark, April 2017

Selected Group
The Preserving Machine, Format Festival, March 2021
Electric Artefacts, September 2020
Digimind, Digital Artist Residency, June 2020
Villa Rosa, 2021 Contemporary Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, November 2019
Are you there? I’m here, The Horse Hospital, August 2018
Hervisions, London, November 2017
Meal Reel, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow, July 2017
JUNK IN THE TRUNK; Your Beautiful’s Touring Exhibition, Bones and Pearl, Copeland Car Park, Turf Projects, The Bomb Factory, May 2017
There will be nothing left to suck, curated by Dow Collective, Bank Space Gallery, May 2017
isthisit? AFK, London, UK, October, 2016
Hervisions, The Standard, Los Angeles, USA, October, 2016
WORK IT!, A-Side B-Side Gallery, Art Licks Weekend 2016, London, UK, September 2016
Future Late, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London, UK, June 2016
Sound and Vision, Tank TV, London, UK, October 2015
Interfaces: An Exhibition by Fish Island Labs, Barbican Centre, UK, August 2015
Self Publish be Happy TV at Off Print London, Tate Modern UK, June 2015
Self Publish be Happy at Expo in Citta, Milan, IT, August 2015 Retrospective archaeology of a future disaster which crack(s)ed the present, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, UK January 2013


Superlownely, Benee, Universal Music Group
Boiler Room, SHROOMS, 2020
Mansions of the Future digital commission, 2019
Art Night 2018 Trailer Commission, Art Night London, 2018
Underground Now Commission, Boiler Room TV, 2018
Feminine Intuition Commission, The Fifth Sense, i-D, 2017


The Preserving Machine, Digital Artist Residency, January 2021
De:Formal Artist in Residence, March 2021
Mycophilia, Ayatana Research Residency, October 2020
Digi Mind, Digital Artist Residency, June 2020
Summer Residency, Mansions of the Future, July 2019
Bon Volks Residency, Margate, May 2018
AiR Academy Costumes, London, January 2017

Talks and workshops

Masterclass, Zabludowicz Collection, February 2017
Junk in the Trunk - Symposium, The Bomb Factory, Turf Projects, May 2017
Academy AIR Artist Presentation, Platform Southwark, April 2017
Tate Game Jam, Tate Britain, July 2016

Science Fiction and fantasy greatly influence my work, in particular, when considering worlding and worldbuilding. I use digital software including Cinema 4D to create simulations of imagined places taking human and world entanglement as the starting point.

Donna Haraway writes that: “SF is storytelling and fact telling, it is the patterning of possible worlds and possible times, material-semiotic worlds, gone, here and yet to come.” Haraway’s articulation of worlding and writing around entanglement ties together the key elements of my practice. I am interested in the ways in which the entanglement is visible, through mushrooms decomposing radioactive waste, footage of sharks eating internet cables that lay under the sea to the wealth of marine life that now grows on the temporary oil rigs off the coast of Santa Barbara. When looking at this messy, confusing entwinement, it evokes ideas of hybrid creatures and fictional ecosystems that would inhabit this in-between space. My recent work has combined simulations of alternate realities with influences from writers such as Anna Tsing, Ursula Le Guin and Marina Warner.

Imagination is integral to the way I make work and I am compelled by the use of imagination as a faculty for thinking.

Strange, organic forms inhabit my technicolour landscapes, which are brought to life by animation, and collaborations with sound artists who I work with regularly. The bright colours and textures I use within my work are aesthetic choices, but it also refers to the promise of new technology, gently mocking the idea that technology will save us. Advancing technology has always been central to my practice and remains a prominent element of my research, especially when considering new worlds and imagining futures.

Since graduating from Kingston University in 2014, I have exhibited at spaces such as The Barbican Centre, David Dale Gallery and at the opening of the Switch House, Tate Modern. I have established a collective, and in 2017 was accepted on to Masterclass; a professional development programme hosted by the Zabludowicz Collection. I have been commissioned by Universal Music Group, Hervisions, Art Night, Boiler Room, and most recently, Mansions of the Future based in Lincoln.

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